Leadership Coaching

Transform Your Business

Human Resources is the core of long-term success for all businesses. Having an HR department is crucial to maximize business performance through its human capital to enhance customer satisfaction. The Leyda Group works with small businesses who are committed to creating a culture where their employees are successful which ultimately makes the organization successful. We do this through a variety of services that are customizable and helps you to save time, money and frustration.


Coaching, Training & Development

We show our clients how to effectively develop their staff so that they are successful in their role, provide outstanding customer service and create opportunities for internal advancement.


Our clients trusts us to help find them the best talent for the positions that they are hiring for. Clients are offered solutions on job posts to better attract candidates to apply.

Employee Engagement

We show our clients various methods on how to increase employee engagement thereby fostering trust within the organization.

Policies & Compliance

We conduct a comprehensive HR compliance analysis and review/create policies and procedures to streamline and update internal HR policies, employee handbooks, job descriptions and other documents to be compliant with State and Federal laws. 

Document/Program Kit Templates

When clients are in need of various documents or program kit templates such as an Employment Application, Return to Work Program, Performance Evaluations, etc. to boost their HR library, we create these as well.