Helping Businesses to be Successful and Grow Through People


Leadership Coaching & HR Consulting

Transform Your Business

The combination of having an effective leadership coaching and training program, along with implementing HR processes, is the core reason for long-term success for all businesses regardless of size. Partnering with an HR consultant that understands this is crucial to maximizing business performance through its human capital. It is through this process that The Leyda (Lee-da) Group help businesses to be successful and grow through people. We partner with companies that are committed to creating a culture where employees in management feel supported, are empowered to make decisions and can grow with the organization.  Our services are customizable and designed to help the clients we serve to save time, money, and frustration.

Services We Offer:


Our clients trust us to help find them the best talent for the positions they are hiring for. Clients have options in selecting the recruiting package that fits their needs. 

Leadership Coaching, Training & Development Program

We tailor our coaching and training programs to fit the cultural needs of our clients. Our coaching and training programs are designed specifically for new managers or managers in need of any refresher training on how to effectively engage with their staff. At TLG, we believe that Leadership is a cycle!

Employee Engagement

We help our clients with various methods on how to increase employee engagement and decrease turnover.

Policies & Compliance

We offer a comprehensive HR compliance analysis and review/create policies. We review procedures to streamline and update internal HR policies, employee handbooks, job descriptions, and SOPs to be in compliance with industry, State and Federal laws.  

Document/Program Templates

We offer clients various documents and program templates they may need such as Employment Applications, Return to Work Program, Performance Evaluations, etc.