The Leyda Group, LLC

~ Leadership is a Cycle ~

The Leyd
a Group is an HR consulting company that partners with start-up companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations with no HR support.  We work with companies that are interested in improving their Employee Experience by offering coaching &
 management trainingconduct HR compliance audits; create employee handbooks;  create job descriptions compliant with FLSA guidelines; and provide recruitment services. We also conduct employee surveys that may provide insight to challenging areas that a company may need to improve on thereby providing the ultimate Employee Experience!


Policies & Compliance

We help to create and streamline our clients' internal HR policies, employee handbooks and job descriptions that are compliant with State and Federal laws.

HR Infrastructure

We show our clients the importance of having an HR infrastructure that fits their business needs and a system that is streamlined and easy for management and employees.

Strategic Insight

We help our clients create clear business objectives and develop solutions that positively impacts their workforce.


Our clients trusts us to help find them the best talent for the positions that they are hiring for.  Clients are offered solutions on job posts to better attract candidates to apply.

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